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 The Ultimate Design

Effortless running - walk, jog, stop, sprint, instantly, with no intervention other than just shifting your body forward and back,...

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 Max. Performance

Innovative patented curve design conforms better to your stride and encourages running on the balls of your feet, both reducing jo...

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 Completely Green

Integrated power generation provides all the electricity necessary for the on-board sensors and charging station for the iPad. A b...

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 Fully Integrated

Optionally, an iPad is configured with the SpeedFit Fitness Matrix and performance Display monitor, allowing the user to gauge the...

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SpeedFit is the leader by being the original designer and first developer of the Curve Treadmill holding more than 10 Patents on the curve designed treadmills.

A motor-less treadmill that provides a better running experience than traditional motorized treadmills. Built for performance and high quality, this non-motorized and Curve Treadmill delivers an unparalleled running experience on this zero-maintenance treadmill.

These affordable and finest manual treadmills (Speedfit LITE and ProXL) are built to provide years of trouble free operation. Incorporated with various features, whether running that marathon training, or working on your fitness, these curved and non-motorized SpeedFit Products will provide that extra edge.

These motorless treadmills give the best cost benefit when compared to motorized treadmills. They are a lot more affordable than electrical treadmills and also more lightweight. If the treadmill is likely to be situated in multiple places around the house, then a non-motorized treadmill like Speedboard LITE (coming soon) is easily foldable and can be stored with very limited space requirement.


All SpeedBoard systems include the revolutionary SpeedFit Fitness Program

What Is The SpeedFit Program?

SpeedFit is a revolutionary fitness system shaped by the philosophy that too much exercise wears out the body rather than keeping it fit.

The Fitness Matrix

The Fitness Matrix is a device that charts speed with run time to help people determine their own individual fitness level and workout program.

Why Speedfit?

No more diet! No more heart rate! No more BMI. No more VO2 MAX. No more calories counting. No more injuries.