Speedfit is the most natural way to get, and stay fit



Speedfit is a time-efficient, incredibly revolutionary program based on your own speed. discover the most satisfying and exhilarating workout

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The Speedfit system will layout a variety of 5000 personal workouts and all of this just from one simple test that takes less than 10 minutes.

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Speedfit is the only fitness system that creates a standardized level of fitness based solely on your potential

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Speedfit keeps the walking but eliminates the jogging from the routine and introduces short- time sprint running on the balls of your feet

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So you want to lose weight. This time for real. You know all those fad diets and trendy workouts never last. Well, here and it’s been around for a long time, centuries to be exact, is the only fitness program you need to lose weight, whether it’s that last 5 to 10 pounds or 100. SpeedFit works on any body in any shape at any age, whether you have exercised before or never broke a sweat in your life. You’ll be happy to know it was not your body that has been the problem all these years. It was your fitness routine.

SpeedFit new way of running helps you burn fat and calories faster and more efficiently than any other fitness concept to date with its innovative toe running approach. It is the same basic concept used in the training of a sprinter for a 100, 200, 400 meter dash. Landing on the ball of your feet pushes your body forward and uses more muscle groups at one time than the traditional heel strike first method used by many runners. Visualize that sprinter coming down the track. You’ll take a body that looks half as good.

If your goal is to lose weight and tone your body to look sleek and never bulky, SpeedFit is the system for you.

What makes SpeedFit different than other fitness programs including marathon training? With this new method of running, SpeedFit uses more of your energy in a shorter period of time. The net result is you will burn many more calories. And if weight loss is your goal, it doesn’t get better than this.

So many people spend countless hours logging miles and never see any significant weight loss results. Yet look at the body of a short distance runner who exercises more vigorously. They are invariably thinner. The difference is in the goals. In long distance running, the goal is to finish. To finish, you must conserve as much energy along the way. Conserving energy may get you to the finish line but it will not burn as many calories.

Your goal with SpeedFit is to burn fat. So you want to expend the most amount of energy. It is pretty obvious which method will burn the most fat. Conserve energy or expend energy. Cmon, you know the answer.

SpeedFit benefits go way beyond burning your fat away. SpeedFit improves your cardiovascular system, working your most important muscle, your heart. SpeedFit also tones the body without building bulk. You will not develop huge arms or thighs like you would doing other sorts of workouts like weight training, bicycling even long distance running. There is no one muscle that SpeedFit isolates and distorts. SpeedFit increases lean muscle mass. It creates a lean, sleek appearance to your body. The lean muscle mass also helps your metabolism to be more efficient. You will burn calories even hours after your workout. The bottom line is you don’t have to go on any crazy fad diets while doing SpeedFit.


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Everyone agrees there are far too many unfit and overweight Americans. Obesity is at its highest level in history. Healthcare costs are skyrocketing. Books abound, diet plans multiply and more exercise equipment is being sold. However, nothing's improving. The diet industry increases by billions of dollars a year, but the average American is still getting fatter! Guess what? It's not your body, nor it's your fault, it's your fitness routine!

There is an insatiable desire by the American public to find the System that will show them why they are not fit, still, after so many attempts, why they can't get fit, what do they need to change in order to get fit and keep their body fit. Finally, there is one dynamic physical fitness regimen available.

Like most people, you probably want to look and feel your best. You want your clothes to fit like they once did. But more than that, you want to be healthy and fit. SpeedFit is the revolutionary time-efficient program that will help you achieve these goals.

The Concept

SPEEDFIT System creates a New Era in Fitness, promoting "the new philosophy" that "to much exercise wears out your body in stead of keeping fit. Many of us currently walk or run as a warm up or as part or all of a workout. This is evidenced by the fact that there are over 75 million treadmills out there. But, as people improve, they increase the distances they run or walk but not the speed at which they're running or walking. People believe that running longer or logging more and more miles, as long as they are in the 'target zone', the better it is. But that's just not to be true. Actually, long distance running can ruin your body. It's like putting a lot of mileage on your car! Too much running wears out your body, instead of keeping it fit! SpeedFit points out elements from sport performance that where missing in Health & Fitness, and with an innovative adaptation of track-and-field techniques for the fitness industry SpeedFit routine was born to produce the most natural way of burning fat and thereby losing weight. SpeedFit is a patent pending fitness routine for reshaping your body based on two simple ideas: De-emphasizing Distance in exercise and promoting Speed in its place and eliminating the traditional heel toe strike in favor of toe-to-heel running strike. This means shorter workouts and better results. By focusing on shorter distances at the faster pace, we have created a routine that benefits people more quickly and more profoundly, that will revolutionize how we exercise, and will change an overweight society into a fit one in a single generation. This routine produces real results in record time by constantly monitoring your fitness level and the changes in your body will stay with you for life.

The Goal

The challenge is to understand the SpeedFit system. In order to change your body, you must start by testing yourself with the first real - Fit Test Chart(Astilean Matrix), then strive to move to the next level up. When you feel you are hitting all of the speed boxes on your color curve in the Matrix well, it's time to re-test yourself and move a level up - making your new color curve your new fitness goal. Continue like that until you like your body, then maintain your FitnessScore with 10 min workouts 1-3 times of week. (see iSpeed)

SpeedFit Fact Sheet
  • SpeedFit is, for the first time, a designed fitness program to establish your True Individual Fitness Level.
  • SpeedFit introduces competition into fitness, creating real fitness progress.
  • SpeedFit introduces low-impact, injury-free running to fitness.
  • SpeedFit's balls-of-the-feet running technique uses double the energy.
  • SpeedFit burns calories faster than any other routine: shorter workouts, better results.
  • SpeedFit speeds up your body's metabolism even when you are not exercising.
  • SpeedFit increases your fitness level constantly and permanently.
  • SpeedFit requires no diets and no food restrictions.
  • SpeedFit creates truly individualized workouts - day by day, never the same, never boring, always fun and challenging.

The SpeedFit Team

The SpeedFit Team

The SPEEDFIT INSTITUTE and its components will be directed by Alex Astilean founder of SPEEDFIT Alex is a Romanian star decathlete with extensive experience in training celebrities and managing health club facilities. He went on to own various gyms in the Hamptons, with great success. He is the innovator of the successful SPEEDFIT routine. He is also currently working on a new patented non-motorized treadmill and a suspension system for treadmills. This system will simulate weightlessness during a workout for overweight consumers who otherwise might not participate in the program. These two innovations will revolutionize the way people train. The rest of the SPEEDFIT team has been selected from the most motivated, experienced, and dedicated in the industry. They are driven by true passion for the subject matter and the success of SPEEDFIT

The SpeedFit Institute

The SpeedFit Team

The SPEEDFIT Institute will have a main location in midtown Manhattan drawing a large and diverse clientele with satellite institutes opening in other strategic cities (Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas and Chicago) after a presence is established in New York City.

The main location will offer various SPEEDFIT regimens to its client on a yearly membership or package deals that give an option of buying a group of classes. We will also offer special programs for teenagers and senior citizens in fitness and weight reduction.

The main location will also sell instructional videos in SPEEDFIT training along with Alex Astilean's SPEEDFIT instructional book. Other merchandise trademarked with the SPEEDFIT name will include; bungee cords, medicine balls, jump ropes, free weights, step benches, personal charts, SPEEDFIT journals, timers, t-shirts, socks, towels, sweatbands, sneakers, nutritional supplements, etc. All the items sold carry a high profit margin which will increase revenue and establish a high financial return for SPEEDFIT owners and partners.

The main location will also be used to train certified SPEEDFIT instructors through the U.S. This will be considered part of the licensing agreements of SPEEDFIT. These instructors will be trained in our facility and upon completion of the certificate course they will be able to teach the SPEEDFIT regimen in their perspective gyms. They will be charged a set fee and must also come back to the main location after a certain amount of time for reevaluation and further teaching. This is part of a continuing education program for SPEEDFIT trainers and will create yet another source of income for SPEEDFIT and a greater following for our brand.

SPEEDFIT Satellite Institutes will offer client the same regimens as the main location and sell the same products but will NOT certify trainers.


SpeedFit System

You get the iSpeed - SPEEDFITSoftware, Training Manual, SPEEDFIT Matrix and the SPEEDFIT DVD. Watch the first Fitness Test with SPEEDFIT Method. Let the creator of SPEEDFIT - Alex Astilean show you how to test and chart your Fitness Level. Why do you need that ? - because is the new scale of the XXI Century. Everything works around your Fitness Level - DO YOU KNOW YOUR FITNESS LEVEL ?? Which one is ?? But first, how you defined that ? - nobody did until SPEEDFIT - your weight gain, your health problems, your age, your mood, your skin and slim, all spins around your Fitness Level. Find out which one is yours - at 10/1 nobody is obese, at 12/1 nobody has Type II Diabetes and at 14/1 nobody has Cancer. That's a fact !

This system will let you stop Counting Calories, checking your Heart Rate and spending hours training to get the body you always wanted to have. With the help of SPEEDFIT - FIT TEST, you will learn why you still not losing weight and all you do still does not helping you. All you need to know is how to achieve a better Fitness Level - this is your ultimate goal. Find out what all the other fitness programs are missing. You can train using every other system but in the end you will not know how fit you are which is the key in loosing weight. You may feel better and look better but only SPEEDFIT will let you know your exact fitness level. Remember, after 20 years of scientific study and only one minute of your time you will find out exactly how fit you are, bad, best, worst, at least you'll have a point to start from. That's SPEEDFIT ! "How do you know where you need to go if you don't know where you are?" This System is the worlds only system that will get you fit in less than 10 minutes a day - a new life style indeed. Forget about "Money Back Guarantee"- we'll give you 1 Million dollars if you can prove us, it does not work !